Sometimes, something simple can become uniquely good…

Uniquely Greek started as a rather simple idea. Jessica Gill, owner of family-operated “Grecian Delights” Greek Deli/Restaurant in Boothwyn, PA, wanted to find another way to enhance her Greek-inspired dishes and potentially encourage people to create similar flavorful meals in their own kitchens. Jessica wanted to offer a product that was easy to use and made with all natural ingredients, so that people could feel good about trying something new.

Working with feta cheese, Jessica created a delicious, all-natural cheese spread that could accommodate different flavors and complement nearly every dish on her menu. Labeling it as simply a homemade feta spread, Jessica added her initial spinach feta spread to menu items and set up a tasting station to encourage people to sample it. Gill’s feta spread quickly turned heads, as customers raved over enriched menu items and inquired about buying containers to take home.

Believing that great-tasting food should always be shared, it did not take long for Jessica to agree with people who were urging her to find ways to share her tasty new invention beyond the restaurant. Being a full-time mom and entrepreneur, it was a challenge for Jessica to find time to tackle the huge task of breaking into the food retail industry. More importantly, she knew that, in order to do it right, she would need someone to collaborate with —and someone who would have no problem being honest with her.

Jessica immediately called on her brother Jon Gill, who believed in her feta spreads and jumped in with the creative energy and collaborative spirit needed to help turn their dream into a reality—and shape what would become the Uniquely Greek brand. Together, Jessica and Jon tackled everything from brand development and packaging design to expanding their product line to include other flavored feta spreads. After conducting research at local trade shows and seizing opportunities to introduce their feta spreads to new audiences, Jessica and Jon took their products and positive feedback to Whole Foods Market, the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods.

After months of collaboration with Whole Foods’ management team, “Uniquely Greek” spreads appeared in a Philadelphia, PA Whole Foods Market in September 2010. With the help of our partner grocers, we’re proud to now share our great-tasting spreads with customers visiting over sixty specialty-grocer and food retailer locations within the Eastern, Southeastern and Midwestern United States.

The rest, as we say, is our fantastically unique daily journey.

What We Believe

Since becoming Uniquely Greek, what started out as a brother-and-sister tandem has grown into a small, but passionate team that works hard to bring our products to customers around the country—all anchored by core beliefs that guide us every day:

Keep it simple but darn good, always. Every product we introduce to our customers will be shaped by our promise to deliver easy-to-use, great-tasting, all natural foods made from high quality ingredients.

Joy is our other staple ingredient. We will always create, promote and share our foods with an honest passion and sheer joy, because we appreciate the impact of quality foods on the well being of a home. Joy is the foundational ingredient that helps us to embrace this great adventure!

Great food and great service—be passionate about both. Having a great product means little if it’s not supported with great customer service. We strive to communicate will clarity, honesty and with respect for our customers and partners.

All hands are always on deck. Everyone on our team is involved in communicating our values and commitment to quality to everyone we encounter. We’re all in this together, so we’ll all be actively involved in connecting with our customers and partners.

Sharing creates a happier world. We believe the true power of great food emerges the more it’s shared with others. We also know that, though there are many who aren’t looking to become chefs, people enjoy it when their food is not only tasty, but also recognized as being made with a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness. We share ideas with each other all the time, and it will remain our goal to be a brand built on sharing. We will work to share ideas with our customers, and encourage our customers to share ideas with each other.

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